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Understanding the Job Description of a Book Publicist

As the name may suggest, a book publicist is an individual tasked with the responsibility of creating media interest when a new book is published. The ultimate goal of a book publicist is to create so much hype and interest around the new book that journalists would be interested in writing bits and pieces about the new book and the author. When done correctly, a publicist plays a very integral role in increasing public interest, ultimately leading to the much-needed sales. A good book publicist, therefore, when you are looking for one, is someone with impeccable sales and marketing skills and also one experienced in the publishing industry.

Book publicists do a lot of writing and communication with different stakeholders involved in the chain of creating awareness of a new book. When looking for a book publicist, therefore, you might want to settle for one with impeccable written and communication skills. They should also be outgoing, assertive and quite knowledgeable in their line of duty. More importantly, you want to work with someone who enjoys a good read. After all, how are they going to market your book if they cannot read and appreciate some good piece of work? You can read more about book marketing or click here to get started

Thanks to technological advances, most book publicists will work on creating publicity campaigns online. As such, it would be imperative to choose someone who knows their way on the internet, and especially one who has embraced digital marketing techniques in their line of duty. Further, such a service provider should have valuable contacts with key industry players to ensure you get the best possible coverage for your new release.

It is also the responsibility of a book publicist to set up book signings for authors and plan book tours. This they do by working hand in hand with the author to determine the various locations and schedule accordingly. Therefore, the best book publicist is one with good organization and planning skills to ensure all logistics of a book tour and an author book signing goes through successfully.

That said, how do you find the best book publicist in the industry? Word of mouth is always a great place to start. Talk to your family, friends, close business associates and acquaintances and people in your network. Chances are high they could be knowing someone who did publish a book recently, or they could be one themselves. The internet is the second most reliable place to find a book publicist worth their weight in gold. Continue reading more on this here:

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